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About Us

EQ Light We are designers and manufacturers of a variety of lighting for home, business and architectural decoration by specification.

EQ Light was founded in 2004 EQ Light when the first lamp was created by Eduardo Alcalde. But it was not until 2006 when EQ Light launched its first product. We have sold thousands of lamps internationally. We are dedicated with coming up with new styles, creating and innovating timeless and immaculately crafted pieces. We prides ourselves with a variety of designs creating contemporary lighting for home, business and architecture decoration

Your Affordable Home Decorator

EQ Light provides the trendiest home decor products at unbeatable prices. Our expansive selection includes something for everyone, no matter your personal style and decorating taste. We take pride in making it easy for you to enhance your space with the exact products and looks that you want.


Dedicated to lighting product development, we create and innovate the greatest and unique lighting designs with their presentation, in order to offer new ways to illuminate and decorate spaces, always looking to overpass dealers and consumer expectation.

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